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Staffs - Habitat Madagascar for Humanity

Meet Habitat Madagascar's staff who implement donors' projects in order to serve local communities for life and health improvement. 

Fanantenana Andrianaivotiana  "National Director"

Rich of many years of experience in the humanitarian field, Fana decided to join the Habitat big family in 2012. Fana likes to refer to Isaiah 58.7 “is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter...” indeed, providing foods to needy, his next challenge is to help Malagasy people to have a decent shelter which is a right for every human being. 

Program Team

Haja Ramerison "Program Manager"

Our new family member since January 2014, Haja put his experience and his passion to Habitat's beneficiaries' service.
"There is still a lot of to do to develop the country and we (Habitat) needs to work harder and I believe that through courage and determination we will be the leverage for Malagasy's life changing."

Program Team North Zone : projectnord@hfhmadagascar.org

Zonal Coordinator North

(Vacant position)

  Manitra Rakotomalala"Project Coordinator North"

For Manitra, Habitat For Humanity Madagascar is a source of sustainable development for community plagued by poverty. Which action drives to improve beneficiary' life as they gain a new life and energy, and are able to dream a better future.
"I hope that Habitat For Humanity will expand its intervention throughout our dear Island "

Dina Ratsimarofy
"Community Mobilization Officer"

Dina enjoys her work and work team. For her, each project is a new adventure that is deserved to live with its good surprise.
"With my work I discover my country along and learn a lot about my fellow. I see how Habitat's works help to build a community, and I am really proud to be a part of Habitat's family which make this happen".

Hajatiana Razakaharimalala
"Construction Specialist North"

As a program team, Haja sees every day how Habitat action has an impact on community and people's life. Despite many years or experience, Seeing a family who used to live in a rotten wooden house, move into their new brick wall house always give him this pride mix with happiness feeling; so proud of his work contribution. He says it is at the moment like this that we understand how our work is important.


"Housing assistance Coordinator"

(Vacant position)


Andriamangamalala Andriamifidy
"Community Mobilization Officer"

What he likes the most is to see people happy to have complete their loans. as he said it is at this moment that he feels that his work makes sense.

Program Team South Zone: projectsud@hfhmadagascar.org

Zonal Coordinator South

(vacant position)



Michel Ralaizandry  "Housing Assistance Coordinator"

His experience in microfinance is his great assets. 


Hari'Narindra Rasolondalao "Construction Specialist Fianarantsoa"

According to Narindra, working for Habitat required that you can handle stress, to overcome difficulties, but in the end it is all beneficial because you can see the result and it teaches you lessons that you will never learn at school.


Simonette Zandina  "Community Mobilization Officer "

There is a difference between staying behind the desk and going on field. Being an active actor and see how change operate in people’s life is the biggest motivation for Simonette, because she is doing a meaningful work. 


Tianomenjanahary Luciana Danielle "Community Mobilization Officer"

Tina is from Toliara, and sees the precarious situation of Tulearois living in thatched houses, so when the opportunity presented itself, she did not hesitate to join the Habitat team to be able to help her fellows.


Thierry Raphaël Rambeloson  "Construction Specialist"

For Thierry, Habitat is more than a work, it brings him personal development and human experience.

Finance team : finance@hfhmadagascar.org

Miora Andriamiadantsoa  "Senior Finance Officer"

Miora has never laid bricks until she works for Habitat. Through build for staff, Miora learned how to lay bricks and get familiar with what happen in average joe’s life in Madagascar. She said that it changes her vision or the world and understand how meaningful her work is. Having an opportunity to exchange experience with her peers is just the plus

Nombana Rajaonarivony Bodotiana

For Nombana, Habitat gives opportunity to learn, to travel and understand what happen on the ground but not just staying in the office. It is an environment that allows and encourages personal development.


Andrianiaina Rabefeno   "Administration Coordinator"

Years that Andry spent working in the program are an asset, which help him to cope and properly support the work of people on the ground. 

RDC team: rdcm@hfhmadagascar.org

Vola Razoelisolomihanta "Resource Development and Communication Manager"

She believes that every little effort worth it when it comes to see the real impact in people’s life. For Vola, it is about our human story and love.

“Thank you to the donors who are the cornerstones of our work, because they help us to change the world.”

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