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The housing needs in Madagascar:

Madagascar is one of the poorest country in the world, which Human Development Index is 151 out of 181 countries; 92% of the population are living under USD$2 per day. Malagasy people are relatively young, two third are under 25 years old, which require a relatively high demand in infrastructure.
Weak infrastructure, housing and the lack of access to basic urban services, due to a too rapid urbanization, are vulnerability factors for people exposing them to natural and societal hazards (such as conflict, crime, poor health…). Tropical cyclones that hit the country almost every year,  leave thousand persons homeless.
More than 50% of Malagasy lack access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation (latrine), this rate is relatively higher in rural area than urban.  76.2% of Malagasy population are living in slums.
Madagascar's decent housing deficit is estimated at more than 2 millions, and 69.2% of the population are subject to the heap. One room house  of 20sq meters  is often occupied by a family with members more than 5 persons. Houses in Madagascar are made of thatched, iron sheet, cardboard or woods which provide little or no protection from diseases, robberies or natural disasters. 
 *World Bank; UNDP; INSTAT

Our housing solutions

•  Urban Slum upgrading

•  Water and Sanitation
•  Disaster response Recovery


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